You’re mine. sweet jasmine.



Bradley’s Piraminis offer a unique way of serving tea! Its attractive appearance makes for unique presentation. The pyramid shaped tea bag allows the ingredients to move around freely, releasing their optimal flavours and aromas. Each number represents a specific flavour.

What’s your favourite number today?

Bradley's Piraminis

Bradley's Piraminis is the premium tea concept that guarantees quality and an experience.

  • Extra impact and an experience thanks to colourful mini boxes
  • Premium tea blends with large tea leaves and real pieces of fruit and herbs
  • Packaged in pyramid shaped bags, giving the tea leaves plenty of room to release their flavour
  • Choice of 13 delicious flavours


Bradley's Piraminis Assortment Box

  • Attractive presentation
  • 30 pyramid-shaped tea bags
  • 10 popular and trendy flavours

Bradley's Piraminis Tea Boxes

  • 9 or 30 compartments
  • Luxurious design with window
  • Strong hinges

Bradley's Piraminis Table Presentation

  • Tea glass 32 cl
  • Bradley’s saucer
  • Tea tip